Inchies are embroidered shapes that are used in either making whole quilts or 3D shapes.
Each shape is calculated to fit perfectly with a corresponding different shape.
They are all whip stitched together and can be used to create some very beautiful items.
They can be used to make Christmas decorations, pincushions, garlands, key rings.

A comprehensive instructional pdf is supplied.

The Hexagon Inch quilt is one of the most versatile designs.

The image is of 7 blocks joined, it is only approximately 11 inches across, this quilt can be made in rows or by large blocks

It is a beautiful quilt and is Quilt as You Go, so you are able to fully finish a quilt of any size, double sided so you can make a quilt that looks totally different front and back, can be themed summer and winter, warm and cool, brights and pastels, anything goes.