Block 89

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These designs are quick and easy to stitch out, they fit within a four inch block or a 6 inch block.

All Embroideries can be combined with patchwork blocks and they can add WOW to a plain block.



3 reviews for Block 89

  1. 7we8a5kv@yahoo.com
    1 out of 5


    Two weeks already and they will cinnotue to fly by- as I am sure since you already have other little ones. I seriously cannot get over how incredibly sweet and cute that picture is of your little one sleeping in the basket! My heart just melted! Congrats, again!

  2. 375ll2fu5d@hotmail.com
    1 out of 5


    Quilters are not the best at being timely. I have tried to be pmoprt about competion of my quilt gifts.Once in a while things come up that do not work with our wishes and desires.In those cases I present the quilt top to the person, and provide a modified regifting date. I was lucky to have that adjustment well received.I am sure your husband will understand that your family comes before the completion of the quilt.

  3. 8rw121l1t@mail.com
    1 out of 5


    I love your clroos. Bonnie’s clroos are lovely, but sometimes it is just refreshing to run across a little twist. It’s going to be a beauty. I saw that tutorial and thought I’d give it a try at some point, your blocks are awesome.

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